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MAJMA UL BAHRAIN: The Mingling of the Two Oceans - (Adam)
         MAJMA UL BAHRAIN: The Mingling of the Two Oceans - (Adam)

List Price : $ 5.00
ISBN :8174354611
Author :Prince Muhammad Dara Shikuh 
Publisher :Adam Publishers & Distributors
Page :146
Binding : Hardbound

Description from the publisher :
The purely artificial individual endeavors of an Akbar and a Dara Shikuh to introduce Hindu thought and speculation into Persian literature have remained almost completely isolated and sterile. A little literary theological island has been created which has remained uninhabited and from which no travelers have undertaken further voyages into the world of Islam. It is not that this 'Mingling of the two Oceans' proves to be a book of deep insight or great spirituality. But it gives us a starting point. For all these and many other reasons the present work is remarkable in which from beyond the gulf of death the voice of Hindu-Muslim Unity has been given life again, insistent, sincere and tragic.

About the author(s):