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Bestselling Children’s Products

Goodword offers a wide range of bestselling children’s products including games and story books based on the Quran. Now you can utilize the vast collection of Goodword products at affordable prices. By introducing and showcasing our quality Islamic books and children’s books you can introduce Islam to your community and serve the cause of dawah.

Become a Goodword Distributor

If you are a bookseller or a distributor who intends to display and sell quality Islamic products in your store or wants to sell and distribute them through your distribution channels or do the direct marketing. If you are a volunteer, a student, an imam or a chaplain who wants to do fund raising for your mosque / organization or organize a function for your college association or campus groups, or you want to organize an Islamic Awareness Week, etc., and display and sell our products. If you are a teacher or a librarian who wants to order books for your school library or wants to include our Islamic Studies or Arabic Studies books in your school curriculum, or organize a book fair in your school. If you find yourself in any such position, then Goodword’s wholesale programme is just for you!

Wholesale Islamic Books

If you are interested in availing of Goodword’s wholesale programme, then please write to us at info@goodwordbooks.com to let us know that you are interested in placing a wholesale order. Upon receiving your request, we will send you an order form or you may download the order form here. Please indicate the desired quantities on the order form and return it to us with your instructions as to how you would like the books to be sent: by sea freight or by air freight. Also mention the name of the nearest airport or sea port. Please mention whether you would like to receive the shipment at your address (door to door) or you will get it released from your sea port / airport (door to seaport / airport). Give your full name, address, phone number, mobile number, and email. Air freight shipments arrive within 10-12 days, while sea freight shipments take about 45-60 days. The processing of the order also takes a few days.

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Wholesale Account Application

Register with Goodword Books to gain access to our wholesale pricelist. You will receive a copy of the price list and further information. Please complete all required (*) fields Click here

Payments and Wholesale Discount

How to place an order: Please note that for your convenience, we have highlighted the best-selling products in the attached order form. Please fill out quantities in the attached order form and return it to us. 
Discount: The discount is applicable according to the total value of the order. We will advise the best possible discount once we receive your valuable order.
Invoice and payment: We will issue an invoice and send it back to you for your confirmation. Upon receiving your confirmation and the payment, we will process the order and your order will be shipped as soon as possible.  
Shipping: Shipping charges will be extra, which will be calculated on weight and volume of the order. Shipments can be sent by sea freight or airfreight. Smaller shipments will be sent by FedEx. Sea freight shipments usually take about 40 days to arrive at the destination, while airfreight shipments take 10-15 days. FedEX shipments take about 7 days.

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Contact person: Yaqoob Umri 
Mob. / Whatsapp: +91 8588822678

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